Custom Drapes

12 Different Styles and 1,000+ Fabrics To Choose From—

Window Drapes Offer Unparalleled Style & Elegance.

Window drapery have been around since ancient times. Up until recently, with the advent of window blinds, window drapery were the preferred window covering for most homeowners… and they still are. Window drapery are beautiful, elegant and can dramatically change the look and feel of any room.

To get a preview of the styles we offer and to learn a little more about your options, we invite you to read more below.</font size>


pleated draperyPleated Drapes

Pleated drapery are where the fabric is pinched together at the header (in various style configurations) in order to create a classic full look. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail this classic look is functional in style and form and fits many formal decorating styles.




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Panel Track Drapes

Panel track drapery are a great alternative (or outright replacement) for vertical blinds. Panel track drapery are the perfect solution for large sliding glass doors. It’s a wonderful contemporary approach to covering large spaces.






Image result for privacy sheersPrivacy Sheers

If you want the look of sheers and the privacy of blinds, then you want privacy sheers. Privacy sheers are a combination of a blind and a drape. You get a PVC blind with hard PVC veins covered by a soft, sheer drapery fabric. The result is we have the look and softness of a drape, but with the functionality of a blind.





Image result for grommetted draperyGrommet Drapes

With literally thousands of fabrics to choose from, Grommet Drapes (Curtains) can be customized to fit any décor or taste.