Custom Upholstery

From Custom Upholstery to Furniture Re-Upholstery, We Can Do It All.

Family Owned and Operated, located in Sparks, Nevada and With One of The Largest Fabrication Centers; Evco Interiors Is The Only Logical Choice For All of Your Custom Upholstery Needs.

We know you have a lot choices when it comes to picking a company for your custom upholstery needs. We also know that choosing a company you can trust is harder than it looks. With so many people claiming they’re the best, they can get it done faster, or they have the best prices, it’s hard to know who to choose. But we are going to give you five great reasons why Evco Interiors is your only logical choice.

With Over 50 Years of Experience, We Just Don’t Get It Right… We Get It EXACTLY Right.

It’s true. When it comes to upholstery work, experience counts. Custom upholstery and re-upholstery is both art and science. It also requires an enormous attention to detail. For example, many times in a rush to get the job done, less experienced upholsterers strip the old fabric off of the furniture and throw it away. They then take measurements and cut the new fabric to those measurements. But honestly, this takes way to long and add’s to the total labor cost of re-upholstering that piece of furniture. Instead, why not carefully strip the old fabric off and then use that fabric as your pattern for the new upholstery fabric? Saves time, money and unnecessary rework when you measure wrong. Best of all, you get an exact fit.

We Have Literally Thousands Of Fabrics To Choose From In Our Showroom – We Also Have A Mobil Showroom.

Mobile Custom Upholstery Showroom
We bring the showroom to you.

When it comes to upholstery, choosing the right fabric is everything. First you have to consider the application and then you have to consider aesthetics. For example, is the piece for inside or outside use. Will the piece be in a heavy traffic area with a lot of use… like a living room? Or is the piece more of a showpiece that will get little wear and tear? All of this will determine the type of fabric “material” you should choose. Then you need to consider aesthetics. Should you go with a striped fabric or would a solid work better? What about color and finish? All of these are questions you need to answer. But don’t worry. Our in house staff will be there to help you every step of the way. Even better? Don’t want to drive to our showroom – no problem. We will bring the showroom to you.

We Are A Local Family Owned and Operated Company… and Have Been Since 1959″

Three generations of the Evan’s family have worked and continue to work at Evco Interiors. But what does that mean to you? It means that if there is ever a problem (after all we are only human) you get to talk directly to the owner. You don’t have to call some toll free customer service number that directs you to only God knows where. You call a local number and you get to talk to me, Don Evan’s the owner. No runarounds, no passing the buck, no excuses, just a resolution to your problem…PERIOD.

We Are Not The Fastest, We Are Not The Cheapest… But According To Our Clients We Are The Absolute Best.

You read that correctly. We are not the fastest and we are not the cheapest custom upholstery shop. Never have been. Never will be. Why? Because quality takes time. The fact of the matter is you will always be able to find someone that can can work faster (usually by cutting corners) and you can always find someone cheaper (again, usually because they cut corners). We have never been a company that competes on price. Because when it comes to custom upholstery work, you will always, and I mean always, get what you paid for. Because we know that if you want quality, you can’t rush it and you can’t cut corners. This is why That is why at Evco Interiors we will always choose quality over expediency, every single time. Maybe this is why our clients come to us time and time again. I don’t think we would have lasted 50+ years in this industry if we didn’t deliver a quality product. But don’t just take our word for it, just read what our clients have to say about us.

Out of All The Custom Upholstery Shops in Reno, The Casinos and Resorts Repeatedly Choose Evco Interiors.

I don’t like to brag, so I only mention this in order to illustrate a point. There are literally hundreds of Custom Upholstery Shops in Reno, Sparks and the surrounding areas. But time and time again, Evco Interiors is selected for the custom furniture and custom upholstery work by the major resorts and casinos. Why is that? We are not one hundred percent certain, but we are pretty sure it has a lot to do with the very same reasons why you should choose Evco. Honesty in pricing, able to meet tight deadlines, and we always come in at budget and not to mention and absolute top quality product. But again, don’t take our word for it. Just look at the images in the slider above. Those are not stock images, those are actual pictures of our custom furniture and custom upholster work. So I ask you, if top tier resorts and casinos trust us, shouldn’t you?

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